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Dr Neville Misquitta at Pathfinder Clinic Pune

Dr Neville Misquitta Consultant Psychiatrist in Pune has more than 25 years experience. Dr Misquitta is well known in Pune for treatment of all psychiatric disorders. He leads a qualified team of the best psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors to provide good integrated mental health care under one roof. All psychiatrists consultations, treatments, assessments, therapies and doctors visits are conducted under one roof at the famous Pathfinder Clinic Pune. Dr Neville Misquitta strives to ensure the best possible outcomes for all treatments and therapies at Pathfinder Clinic Pune.

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Dr Misquitta provides the best treatment possible for psychiatric disorders that present at any life stage. Depression, social anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and other phobias are treated with good care in consultations. Schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder are well known to be addressed in the clinic setting itself as far as possible. Dr Misquitta has good experience resolving relationship problems and sexual dysfunctions in couples and individuals. Work related issues resulting from depression, social anxiety and adult ADHD are best benefited by his systematic approach. Patients with alcohol and cannabis dependence, body image disorders and anorexia nervosa are given good treatment in the office consultation setting. Adequate session time is allotted for each psychiatrist appointment. Privacy is ensured and all psychiatrist and therapy sessions are confidential.

Dr Neville Misquitta completed his MD Psychiatry and doctors degree and  at the famous AFMC Pune, one of the top 10 best medical colleges in the country. He was awarded the prestigious Kekobad Minocher Framroze Prize for the best performance in the MD Psychiatry exam of the well known University of Pune. His consultations in private practice started after experiencing the best the Indian Air Force could offer. This experience includes professorship in psychiatry, and he is a recognised postgraduate teacher and guide at the famous Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. Dr Neville Misquitta did funded research on PTSD. He presents papers on depression, PTSD, and body image disorders, and conducts workshops at national and international conferences.  At Pathfinder Clinic Pune, Dr Neville Misquitta MD psychiatrist, brings these best qualities to provide effective treatments for all psychiatric disorders.